Whitstable 2013

photo-d5287c17-5d51-4f39-996e-471d1a8c205d-20130322-121935-2048Vor den Osterferien besuchte wieder eine große Gruppe der RHS- Schüler unsere Partnerstadt in Whitstable. Alle fühlten sich sehr wohl dort, freuten sich über besonders tolle Erfahrungen und lobten die Gastfreundschaft ihrer Gastgeber- Familien. Ihnen widmeten sie auch die Texte.

Our exchange visit to Whitstable

On Wednesday, March 20th I travelled to Whitstable in a group of 25 students. The journey was very hard and long. As we arrived in the afternoon, the students were allocated to their host families. I stayed in my host family alone. At first I was nervous and a bit frightened, but later I felt safer and got self confidence.
When we arrived, Mia, the daughter, showed me around the house. In the evening we ate shepherd’s pie. It was really nice. Mia’s father’s name is Paul. He has dark hair and he is very funny. Her mother’s name is Monika. She has dark hair and can speak a bit German. Mia’s brother’s name is Max. He is a cute little boy and goes to a junior school in Whitstable. Mia is twelve years old. She’s in year 7 at the Community College Whitstable. She has red hair and is a very lovely girl. Every evening, when I came home, we talked and laughed together.

Saying Goodbye was very sad for me because I like the family. All of them are really nice.
I think the visit to England was a good experience because I always had to speak English and I had a lot of fun there.
I had a fantastic host family and I think I will visit them again, maybe in June.
(by Jessica A.)

Our day in Whistable
Whitstable is a really great town near the sea. Whitstable has lots of nice old houses and small shops. There is a fish market, where you can see many different kinds of fish.
They have a 100- year- old lifeboat station. If you visit it, a man tells you something about the boats and about the job. After that you can watch a video about the lifeboat station, too.
The Community College (CCW), our partner school is very big and modern with lots of electronic equipment like computers, beamers and whiteboards.
I like Whitstable.

The Community College Whitstable (CCW)
On Thursday we visited the CCW. It’s a very big school, much bigger than Remigius- Hauptschule. Three boys wearing school uniform showed us the school. They were really funny. In the college they have modern electronic equipment such as computers, electronic whiteboards, an electronic information board etc. All students wear uniform, but the ties are different: red, green and blue. Red stands for the art department, green for geography and blue for maths.
(by Jessica G.)

The students at the Community College
The students in Whitstable are very friendly. The girls wear skirts, bluses and a tie and the boys wear suits.
A group of boys showed us around the college and gave us very interesting information. The students are only allowed to enter school with a special card. They must check in with this card.
They have lots of projects instead of homework. They get the information about these projects via Internet.
I was very surprised to hear that the students have to clean their school themselves.
(by Lea E.)

On the second day we went to Canterbury by coach. First we visited the Lord Mayor. His name is Counillor Robert Waters. He was in the Tower House, which is used as the Lord Mayor’s office. We went on a guided tour and after that we took a group photo together with the Lord Mayor.
Then we went to the city for shopping. I bought many souvenirs. We had walked through the city for two hours before we went to a museum about the medieval times. We got a tape guide there, so that we could hear the English stories of old times in German.
After this fantastic visit the bus driver took us back to Whitstable.
(by Jessica A.)

The social evening
After dinner on Friday we met the chairmen of the Twinning Organisation Whitstable Roger Annable and David Carter in the Scout House in Whitstable.
There we all played special games together with younger British scouts such as Bingo and Ladybird. From time to time we got snacks and drinks. Our host families were there, too. We enjoyed the evening very much and we had lots of fun.
(by Kübra A.)

We visited London on March 23rd. We went there by underground, because the car park was a bit outside London.
We went on the London Eye. It was really interesting to see this amazing city from above.
Then we went to Big Ben. Later we walked through the city to get to Oxford Street for shopping. Finally we visited Madame Tussaud’s.
It was a great day, but the weather was terrible.
(by Lisa F.)

The host family
We stayed in different families, and most teachers and host families were nice, kind and generous.
Each of us brought a small gift for the host family and everyone liked the gifts.
They invited us to dinner and showed us our rooms on the first day.
Every morning they prepared breakfast, drove us to school and picked us up again in the evening.
Some of us watched films together with their host families or they only sat together and talked.
It was a great experience.
(by Kristina B.)

The journey
Our group of 25 students and 2 teachers travelled to England by coach and ferry. In France we were checked by the police. From Calais we went to Dover by ferry, which took one and a half hours.
Our host families picked us up at the Community College.
When we travelled home to Germany our ferry was cancelled and we had to wait for the next one for about two hours.
The sea was very rough this time. We saw many “green faces”. 😉
After nine hours I was happy to be at home again. All in all it was a good time.
(by Daniela B.)

Danke Marvin B. und Jessica A. für die eindrucksvollen Fotos!